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Machine translation (MT) is specialized software that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to generate translations. bedeutet, dass eine spezialisierte Software mit Hilfe von modernen Methoden der künstlichen Intelligenz (Deep Learning) eine Übersetzung erstellt. MT is often followed up with post-editing, a process in which a human translator checks the content and makes any adjustments necessary. How do you know whether your machine translation needs post-editing? It depends on the quality you require and how/where your text will appear. Talk to us about machine translation. We’ll decide together whether MT can meet your needs and how to integrate it into your translation processes to maximize efficiency.

Texts that typically work well with machine translation—when style and terminology are not crucial:

Send us your translation—in any format—and we’ll recommend a machine translation option that’s right for your needs. This may be a custom MT solution developed by ACT or another product, depending on how you want to use the translations. This means you get the machine translation that’s the best fit for you and your unique project.

We use neural machine translation (NMT) to train the system, which improves the quality of each translation as time goes on. Combined with our translation memory system, which remembers everything we’ve ever translated for you plus your company-specific terminology, this delivers substantial quality benefits in the long term.

Step up the quality with post-editing

Der große Vorteil bei der maschinellen Übersetzung ist die Schnelligkeit und die langfristige Kostenersparnis. Zu unserer neuronalen maschinellen Übersetzung (engl. Neural Machine Translation oder NMT) bieten wir auf Wunsch einen maßgeschneiderten Post-Editing-Service an. Beim Post-Editing werden maschinelle Übersetzungen von einem ausgebildeten Fachübersetzer komplett geprüft und, wo nötig, ausgebessert.

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