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Get in touch with us. To us, “full-service” starts with personal advice and support.

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Always there for you

Your dedicated team is here to advise you every step of the way, so your project is in expert hands from the initial quote all the way to the finished translation.

Your needs and customer-specific terminology are top priority with ACT Translations.
We make sure that you always get precisely the language services you need. Get in touch with us any time to discuss price lists, framework agreements and individual consultation.


It’s very important to me in my role as Sales Manager that I can understand my customers, focus on their specific needs and exchange with them personally to find solutions tailored to their needs. My work is built on long-term business relationships and solution-oriented project management. What my business partners most value is the transparent professional advice that I offer and my positive attitude.


Everyone who works with us is an equal partner – freelancers as well as permanent staff.
I am passionate about creating a comfortable and productive work environment by giving every team member individual support and providing exciting tasks and growth opportunities. People can only develop their full potential in an open atmosphere of appreciation.

Ditha Pahnke

People Operations Manager


My decades of experience in the field of translation have given me considerable insight into the industry.
It is important to me that our freelancers enjoy working for us and that they receive a complete all-round service from us with fair conditions. Likewise, I am committed to ensuring that, thanks to my work, our clients receive translations of outstanding quality.

Vanessa Ballacchino

Vendor Management


I’ve been at home in digital marketing for several years now and I support my international clients in the areas of SEO and content marketing. I really appreciate the opportunity to help shape the future, and I’m up for any and all digital challenges. Many of my projects develop a momentum of their own – the digital world is constantly on the move. In my role at ACT, I make sure that our customers reach every target market successfully.

Anastasia Rylnikov

Consultant Digital Marketing


As office manager at ACT, I make sure that everything runs smoothly. And I always provide “service with a smile!”
It is important to me that my colleagues have everything they need so they can advise and serve our clients effectively.
We can only be fully focused on our clients when our team is happy.


I use my expertise as a language technologist and my solution-oriented way of working to optimize the way we implement the latest translation technologies. Always being at the cutting edge is extremely important to me.
That enables our project managers, proofreaders and translators to our tools smoothly and efficiently. And lets us deliver high-quality results to our clients while reducing costs.

Julia Jakes

M.A., Terminology and Language Technology, CAT and MT expert

Bursting with ideas

As an experienced quality manager with an extensive background in project management, I’ve developed a sharp eye for processes and optimization potential. Analyzing QM processes and making improvements or creating new solutions is my passion, because it’s important to me that I can offer our clients a real quality experience through optimized workflows. My motto: “There’s always room for improvement” – because we keep pace with the times and want to keep delivering the highest level of quality going forward.

Tina Stark

Quality Manager | Operational Process Architect


I have helped shape the development of ACT for 20 years now. In my current position as Chief Digital Officer, I make sure that ACT stays at the cutting edge when it comes to digitalization and automation. I have always viewed the rapid changes and challenges in this industry as an opportunity. Creative and unconventional solutions define my work. I use the latest technology to create a solid foundation to keep ACT’s momentum going strong. That’s how I make sure that our employees and clients feel confident and know that their data is always in safe hands.

Hüseyin Uğurel

Chief Digital Officer


The story behind how I was able to build and manage such a successful agency is a long one, just like the stories of so many entrepreneurs. Blood, sweat and tears; risk, loss, putting it all on the line and plenty of sleepless nights. Today I have a strong team behind me.
After 30 years in the market, I have achieved my goal of aligning the entire company with a long-term strategy – but for me, this is just the beginning. Solid partners, highly satisfied clients and happy employees are still the focus of my strategy.

Cumali Teknetas

CEO Managing Director