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To take your creative marketing texts to new target groups, call on our transcreation specialists. They recreate your slogans and taglines in their language and for their culture. So your message is culturally appropriate and hits home on every level.


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Where translation meets copywriting meets content creation.

Give your international customers the same emotional impact and “feel” of your product or service as your customers at home get. That’s what transcreation is all about. It’s essentially copywriting and content creation in another language Transcreation specialists are creative translators with strong marketing and copywriting skills. They recreate your marketing materials in another language and for another culture. And skillfully use every tool available to make sure your message hits home. Your transcreated ad may sound rather different than the original. But will have the impact you want in your target market. And that’s what counts.

Get content that ticks all the boxes for your target group:

Wir gehen mit Ihnen auf eine Reise

Wir sind bei Ihnen – bis zum gewünschten Endergebnis.

Ein Fachübersetzer erstellt den Text in der gewünschten Zielsprache und verändert die Inhalte so, dass die Adaption denselben Effekt bei Zielpublikum hat. Er liefert die Zielübersetzung wahlweise mit kulturspezifischen Anmerkungen oder einer Rückübersetzung , d.h. Sie können genau nachvollziehen, wie und warum die Übersetzung geändert wurde.
Weitere Anpassungen und auch der Austausch von Bildern werden für das Zielland gemeinsam entschieden.

Different markets, same destination: a mini-case study in transcreation

A cosmetics company needs creative translations for their new “Flawless” line of facial care products. They have already prepared the product descriptions and newsletter for the German market. Now they need to advertise the product launch in France and the Netherlands, too. Our mission: transcreate and localize the slogan and product name for these two target markets. The transcreation process begins. Our experts answer questions like: What names will be well received in Paris and Amsterdam? What’s the best way to adapt the slogan so as to underscore the silky-smooth feel of the product line in words? Our experts will be delighted to work with you, exploring your core messages for each of your target markets and recommending culturally appropriate ways to convey them.

Global marketing support from A to Z

Whether you need single line or a campaign spanning multiple countries—we can help.

Need transcreations in multiple languages? ACT works with transcreation professionals around the world. So we can handle your whole project, streamlining and simplifying the process for you. We can set up feedback sessions with the copywriters for you when it makes sense, while your dedicated project manager coordinates all other questions or changes within the team. You are only as involved in the creative process as you want to be. And you can leave the rest to us.

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Our translators

ACT has spent years building up a stable of trusted, native-speaker translators who specialize in select fields. This means you always get professional results from an expert with the right combination of skills to meet your needs.

Translation management

Benefit from our vast experience in meeting the changing needs of our international clients in industry and commerce. Our streamlined translation management processes are designed to take the work off your shoulders.

Quality policy

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. That’s your guarantee of high-quality results and a testament to our quality assurance team’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Trust in our quality

As a certified translation services provider, we are the competent and reliable partner you need. ACT Translations works exclusively with professional translators who are native speakers in the target languages with years of experience. What’s more, our translators only translate texts in fields where they have relevant experience and expertise.

Would you like a personal consultation?

Your personal contact provides expert and solution-oriented advice. With cutting-edge technology and a sure feel for languages, we guarantee expert translations and on-target accuracy. Your deadlines are our deadlines, and we aim to make the whole process easy for you. That’s what we mean by quality. Our translation service goes the extra mile.

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