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Here at ACT, we work with highly qualified translators and interpreters and employ cutting-edge translation technologies.

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European, Asian and African languages. We translate and proofread in a wide variety of industries and expert fields, bringing both expertise and passion to every project. As a certified translation services provider, we offer a diverse portfolio of translation services.


We provide exceptional translations in a wide range of industries. Our translators are native speakers as well as quality-focused specialists in their fields. They translate your text’s unique characteristics into the desired target language—true to content, tailored to your target group and with the highest precision. We also use dedicated databases to ensure the consistent use of technical terms and the inclusion of your company terminology.


Simply checking a text for errors often isn’t enough. This is why our proofreaders don’t just check translations for perfect spelling and punctuation, but also for grammar, syntax and technical accuracy. We also check your texts for clarity and readability.


Advertising texts have to be right on target. Emotionally engaging. And every bit as compelling as the originals. Our transcreation specialists recreate advertising texts in the unique linguistic and cultural context of the target market.


We don’t just deliver linguistically precise translations of software and games—our translations go the extra mile, adapting for the linguistic, behavioral and cultural characteristics that affect how users receive these products in new markets.


With our post-editing services, our specially trained translators review, edit and improve the quality of your machine-translated text. They make sure your corporate terminology, style and other requirements are applied correctly.

Desktop publishing

The visual effect of a publication can be just as important as the content. Our desktop publishing professionals make sure that the original layout remains intact during formatting. And the texts and images still match in the translated versions.


For successful contract negotiations or conferences, there can be no gaps in understanding. ACT provides you with interpreters for various events and situations as well as services in simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and interpreting for negotiations.

Digital marketing

We create multilingual content for your global marketing presence. Reach your customers all over the world thanks to our B2B and B2C services. Enhance your company’s digital image and supply your target markets with relevant content. Achieve better visibility for your international marketing and boost traffic and revenue.









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