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Thanks to our successful partnership with OnTheGoSystems, ACT now offers our WordPress customers the convenient option of the WPML plugin for creating and localizing multilingual websites.


Accurate and consistent

Here at ACT Translations, we’re aware that the contents of an expert translation are built on industry-specific technology. So as soon as we take on any project, we start with a terminology process that’s tailored to your business and your texts. That ensures that your translations are consistent with the standards in your industry.

How we guarantee the best results for you

Integrating your corporate terminology

If you already have glossaries for your preferred terminology, we can integrate them into our processes and add definitions and abbreviation lists.
Already have your own in-house terminology management? Great! We’ll provide you with online access to your ACT terminology database so that we can work on it together.

Don’t have a glossary yet? No problem. Using terminology extraction, we can use your reference texts or your multilingual company website to compile specific company terminology for you.
For example, a previously translated manual may contain several hundred technical terms that can then be applied consistently in all languages and for all future texts.

Your terminology database keeps growing with every translation.
Not sure about the quality and correctness of your existing foreign-language corporate glossaries? We’ll be delighted to review them and suggest alternatives where needed.

Is each of your international subsidiaries responsible for its own terminology management? Our solutions can centralize translation and terminology management for you while incorporating the local expertise of all your teams from across the globe.

Talk to our translation engineering team about the best solution for your corporate terminology.

Our translation memory system works on a cumulative basis, which means that the more translated text is entered into the system, the more time and money it saves.

Why? Because the volume of translated reference material is constantly growing. The more uniform your corporate language is, the more obvious this effect becomes.

The vast benefits of translation memory systems really come into play with:

Our principles

We record definitions and example illustrations for every term. We also store synonyms. Forbidden terms are flagged and won’t find their way into your translations.

Our terminology management

We preserve and underscore your corporate language. We keep texts consistent and subject-specific. We ensure uniform and consistent quality.

Our terminology management consists of

Your projects are in good hands with us

Our translators

ACT has spent years building up a stable of trusted, native-speaker translators who specialize in select fields. This means you always get professional results from an expert with the right combination of skills to meet your needs.

Translation management

Benefit from our vast experience in meeting the changing needs of our international clients in industry and commerce. Our streamlined translation management processes are designed to take the work off your shoulders.

Quality policy

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. That’s your guarantee of high-quality results and a testament to our quality assurance team’s commitment to continuous improvement.

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Terminology management

Thanks to our successful partnership with OnTheGoSystems, ACT now offers our WordPress customers the convenient option of the WPML plugin for creating and localizing multilingual websites.

Translation memory systems

When it comes to our translations, we don’t leave anything to chance. Alongside our multilingual experts, we rely on cutting-edge translation technologies.

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