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Foreign language typesetting - Desktop publishing

Our desktop publishing (DTP) services present your content in precisely the layout you need. And we even check whether your layout will achieve the desired impact with your target audiences in other countries and cultures.


International content that doesn’t lose your formatting and layout

Our in-house DTP team makes sure your translations are ready for printing.

The translations of your company brochures, manuals and catalogues need to look just as good as the originals. With ACT’s in-house graphic designers, all the creativity and care you put into your design remain consistent in all languages. Why is it important for translators and designers to work closely together? Sometimes the translation is considerably longer or shorter than the original. That can cause the text to run onto the next page or leave too much white space and the images land in the wrong places. Our professional graphic designers eliminate these risks, optimizing your layout until everything is right where it belongs—so even in translation, your design enhances your content.

ACT’s copywriters write for your readers

Kleiner Feinschliff gefällig?

  • Wir sorgen dafür, dass Schrift und Layout harmonieren.


Sie möchten den übersetzten Text standgerecht setzen, also im
Layout mit der Vorlage konform gehen?

  • Übermitteln Sie uns einfach Ihre fertige Druckvorlage.


Wie soll Ihre Publikation aussehen?

  • Unsere Experten, die in der jeweiligen Kultur des Zieltextes zu Hause sind, layouten und setzen Ihre Veröffentlichung nach
    Ihren Vorstellungen um – immer in Anlehnung an Ihre

The big picture

Translation and layout? Sure!

When your translation is ready in its final layout, we check:

Ready to print

Benefit from our multilingual typesetting expertise.

Don’t have a layout ready yet? The professional graphic designers in our DTP department will be happy to format everything for you. Send us the images you want to use—we can work with almost any format—and we will design a document that’s ready to publish. There’s no faster or easier way to get your text in shape for printing.

Fast and convenient.

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Janet Reimer

Head of Sales

Does your project have complex requirements?

Our experts will find the right solution for you.

Your projects are in good hands with us

Our translators

ACT has spent years building up a stable of trusted, native-speaker translators who specialize in select fields. This means you always get professional results from an expert with the right combination of skills to meet your needs.

Translation management

Benefit from our vast experience in meeting the changing needs of our international clients in industry and commerce. Our streamlined translation management processes are designed to take the work off your shoulders.

Quality policy

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 17100 standards. That’s your guarantee of high-quality results and a testament to our quality assurance team’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Trust in our quality

As a certified translation agency, you can rely on us as your strong, competent partner. All our linguists are specialists in their chosen fields and use their solid writing skills to translate exclusively into their native language. The result: natural, authentic texts that underscore your credibility and professionalism.

Would you like a personal consultation?

Your personal contact provides expert and solution-oriented advice. With cutting-edge technology and a sure feel for languages, we guarantee expert translations and on-target accuracy. Your deadlines are our deadlines, and we aim to make the whole process easy for you. That’s what we mean by quality. Our translation service goes the extra mile.

Hello, my name is Janet Reimer.
How can I help you?

Janet Reimer, Head of Sales


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